10 Free Online Resources To Improve your Data Science Skills

10 Free Online Resources To Improve your Data Science Skills woman laptop 1f8660097b33a25694f973535e74af59 800

In this article, I present a list of online resources to improve your Data Science skills. I have done most of the courses on this list, and I recommend all of them.

If you are like me, you are probably asking yourself how to make the best out of the quarantine days. Also, it is hard to change our daily routines and stay at home, but that is the smartest thing to do to protect yourself and the people around you. Let's respect that! And, I know, it is also a challenge to focus when you are worried about yourself, family, or friends. That's an exercise on thinking positive and sending positive vibes to the world.

Time to relax and enjoy the excellent FREE resources I put together on this list. Here's a summary of what you will find:

  • My top three courses on the MIT OpenCourseWare
  • My top two courses on freeCodeCamp.org
  • My favorite tools from the GitHub Student Developer Pack
  • My two top courses from Khan Academy

Let's get started!

MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare is fantastic! The video lectures are actual recordings from the university lectures. This means that the lessons are of high quality, and you can also download handouts and exercises. My favorite courses are:

👉🏼 Introduction to computer science and programming in Python 😻

👉🏼 Artificial Intelligence

👉🏼 How to Speak (Soft skills are important too!)

There are plenty of courses more, so check this page to see their most visited courses.


I am a personal fan of freeCodeCamp. First, read this article by Quincy Larson, he is the founder of freeCodeCamp, and he shares in that article his course tips for this quarantine. Second, I want to use this opportunity to send him a personal thanks for setting up this wonderful platform, 👏🏼 and third, my course recommendations from freeCodeCamp:

👉🏼 Data visualization with D3 📊

👉🏼 Code interview prep

In my opinion, that's the best resource out there to learn D3! and it is free. Please, make use of it.

For Students: GitHub Student Developer Pack

If you are a student, don't miss the opportunity to check the incredible developer pack GitHub offers you. Take your time now to go through their list and pick what's most useful for you. My top picks are:


I love this platform! 😍 By using the student pack, you have six months of free access to the courses over there. You can try Python Data Analysis and Visualization, for example.

AWS educate

With the student pack, you have bonus credits to access their content, such as the Cloud Career Pathways, including Machine Learning and Data Science.

Microsoft Azure

Again, you receive some credit to use their service and learning resources, including a Microsoft Data Scientist certification.

To access any of this content, visit this GitHub page. Enjoy!

Khan Academy

Get to know this platform! It is amazing. My two favorite courses are:

👉🏼 Check this computer science course to learn about algorithms, cryptography, how computers work, information theory and the internet.

👉🏼 Check this excellent course for a complete overview of statistics and probability.

I hope you can learn a lot from these courses and focus on something useful and fun. Happy learning! 🚀

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