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I am Virginia, Medical Doctor and Medical Informatics student at the University of Amsterdam. During the senior year of medical school, I listened to Sundar Pichai opening his keynote at the Google IO conference in 2017 with a story about a boy who coded an algorithm to detect breast cancer. This story blew my mind.

Back then, I was planning to become a radiologist, so that story delivered a powerful message straight to me. When I heard that it is possible to teach the computer to behave like a radiologist through code, I knew the future was going to be way different from what I initially expected.

The fact that the boy taught himself to code motivated me to teach myself to code. So, since 2017, I began a new phase of my life, studying data science, computer science, and programming.

I share my learning journey on Instagram (@virgginiacs) and blog about it here. My personal experiences until now showed me how deep is the gender gap in the tech universe. I am continually fighting to increase the representativity of women in tech.

So, while trying to find my own space in this world, among cups of coffee, gadgets, and unique (co)working spaces, I am discovering how to apply my knowledge while inspiring other women to share the same path I am taking.

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