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I get a lot of questions on Instagram about the tools/software I’m using, which is why I decided to create a page listing them for you. Some of these items may contain affiliate links, which means that buying these products (with no extra cost to you) will support this blog! 🥰

Tools / Software

  • pCloud  My Personal Recommendations pCloud logo 300x284

    pCloud is an online storage solution from Switzerland. They offer 10GB free cloud storage and very affordable 500GB and 2TB storage plans. One of my favorite features is that they offer a crypto folder where you can store your sensitive files. These files are then decrypted locally on your devices and not in their cloud! Isn’t that awesome?

    Click here to check out pCloud

  • NordVPN Logo  My Personal Recommendations nordvpn png logo large 300x300

    NordVPN is my go-to VPN. It allows me to [1] Watch Netflix content from all over the world. [2] Makes sure I’m secure whenever I’m working from public places (like libraries or coffee places ☕️). [3] Protects me from malicious websites and so much more. They have the most servers and the fastest speeds. The best VPN Provider I’ve used.

    Click here to get NordVPN

  • storychief  My Personal Recommendations storychief 300x296

    StoryChief is absolutely the best tool I’ve used for writing content! It does so much that it’s difficult to summarize, but I’ll try: [1] It allows for excellent content planning and scheduling. [2] I can publish to my WordPress blog, Medium, Facebook, LinkedIn, bloggr and so many more channels in one click. [3] It helps me optimize my article for SEO, and [4] it helps me collaborate on articles with several people. [5] It has a great distraction-free writing environment. [6] It takes care of layout on all the platforms, so I don’t have to. [7] Did I tell you it’s fantastic? 😜

    Click here to check out StoryChief

  • thrivethemes  My Personal Recommendations thrivethemes 300x300

    ThriveThemes. If you’re building a WordPress website, the fastest way to get it up and running is definitely with ThriveThemes. They have a fantastic suite of themes to choose from, but my favorite part is their content builder (called: Thrive Architect). It is an easy to use drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress and has a lot of high converting elements to use!

    Click here to view Thrive Themes

  • PyCharm Logo  My Personal Recommendations PyCharm Logo

    PyCharm is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed for the Python programming language. It allows for code-completion, faster code navigation, easy refactoring, has git integration, and can do so so much more. It’s my IDE of choice, and I can recommend it to anyone programming with Python.

    Click here to get PyCharm

  • cloudapp  My Personal Recommendations cloudapp

    CloudApp. I remembered being in doubt before I bought this tool, but I don’t think there has been a day gone by since I haven’t use CloudApp. CloudApp brings screen recording, screenshots, and GIF creation to your Mac/PC. With a few simple shortcuts, you create a screenshot of your screen, add comments, arrows, or other useful information, and you end up with a shareable link you can send to your colleagues. Nice! 😻

    Click here to view CloudApp


  • Samsung U28E570  My Personal Recommendations samsung U28E570 300x216

    I have used several monitors, but this is my current (and favorite). It is an affordable 4K Monitor that looks great on any desk 🖥

    Click here to see the Samsung U28E570

  • My Personal Recommendations 61CuBaCRLDL

    Whenever I’m on the go, I  don’t always like to bring my MacBook. Sometimes it’s just too bulky and heavy (even though it’s the 13-inch model😜). I always loved to bring a tablet with me on meetings, quick trips or to consume content in the train or airplane (courses or Netflix), after switching from an iPad I found the Microsoft Surface Go the perfect solution! It’s desktop computer the size of a tablet! It lets me consume content (courses, videos, Netflix), reply to emails (let’s face it, no one types long emails from an iPad) and ssh into my remote machines on the go! It’s very well priced compared to other solutions and absolutely the perfect companion on the go! I can highly recommend it.

    Click here to check out the Microsoft Surface Go

  • boharia-coffee-to-go  My Personal Recommendations 91G2mvpmzML

    As a follow up to the previous coffee mug, this is my favorite coffee mug to go. Whenever I go to university in the morning, I make sure there are two items in my bag, my laptop, and this coffee-to-go mug. Three items actually! This coffee mug, my laptop, and my laptop charger 😉 Besides that, it gives me a discount at Starbucks and Albert Heijn, and it contributes to a sustainable environment as well!

    Click here to see the coffee-to-go mug

  • My Personal Recommendations letterboard2 200x300

    I like Instagram (as you might know 😜) and I was looking for something to add some flair to my pictures. Since I am also a fan of old-school letterboards, I decided to get this one!

    Click here to check out the letterboard

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